Who is ababa?

No one knows. Ababa is one of the many myths of the Web, a mysterious creature roaming cyberspace. All we know is that ababa is our friend.

What is ababa all about then?

Well, ababa has said that he will bring some free stuff. We don't know what it is. We are waiting.

Small little hosting

As of now, ababa offers free hosting. Want some? Please visit http://hosting.ababa.net to read all about it and sign up.

The Ababa Advanced plan has been discontinued.

Someone likes ababa!

The people at shwechat.com seem to have taken a special liking to ababa. Some people just lack imagination. And one or two things more.

ababa is free!

ababa hopes to offer more stuff for free with time. Be sure to check back!

Gabbly is a new free chat service you can use on your site. Try Gabbly on ababa.net.

Ababa Advanced plan is discontinued.

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